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Since ROOTS Co. , Ltd. found 1995, at first we are in charging with
remanufacturing cartridge for laser printer.
After that, we have developed to deal with those chips from 2002,
for example compatible chips for laser printer which are focused on
wireless chip.
Also the company is a manufacturer which developes, produces and
sales those chips for ourself.
Our policy is the priority in quality, next price.
If you want to have more information, please
don't hesitate to contact us anytime.
We are expecting your good business
chance to join us in the future.
Best regards,

CEO_Doowon, SEO
  Roots Co., Ltd is aiming for the top as a global manufacturer for the new century, and in doing so,
“honesty, sincerity and trust” as on company basis.
We always strive for fame , The Constant Satisfaction ,
valued at “human & future” as a venture company.
  Roots Co., Ltd is maker & provider as an expert on expendable supplies of printer.
Roots Co., Ltd produce & provide cartridges for laser & inkjet printer and cartridges accessories